Participants & Winners Geneva 2012

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The following young talents participated in the FameLab heat at the Globe in Geneva on February 4 2012:

1st Prize

Boris Lemmer «Bring out the kid in us»

2nd to 5th Prizes

Alexandre Fête «Les effets au tennis» and «la supraconductivité»
Susan Johnson «Self Defence: How can we teach our T cell army to fight back?»
Shruti Muralidhar «Effects of alcohol on the brain»
Raphaël Thézé «D'ou vient notre memoire?»

All other participants

Barbara Alvarez Gonzalez «What are we made of?»
Devika Ashok «Together we are immune»
Christian Byrnes «How far away are the stars?»
Pablo de Heras Ciechomski «Visualising Life Science»
Alberto De Giovanni «Particle accelerators for health»
James Devine «Disk full - when the world runs out of space»
Sara Devito «The universe beyond the fourth dimension»
Maria Rita Galan Espinosa «The green talk»
Marc Goulette «Let's play with the speed of light»
Philippe Kobel «What if Newton fell with his apple?»
Sreeyuth Lal «Defence-in-depth of a nuclear power plant»
Juan Lopez-Villarejo «The science of environmental degradation: extent and real solution»
Diana Marek «Etude d'associations à l'échelle du génome humain»
Maria Isabel Pedraza Morales «Particles in life»
Gerard Penalosa
Adrian Ranga «A portrait of the stem cell as a young man»
Brokk Toggerson «The slinky and the atom / Einstein and the GPS»