Swiss Final 2012

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The first FameLab final in Switzerland took place on March 30, 2012 in the bar-bookshop sphères in Zurich. The ten best candidates from Geneva and Zurich were evaluated by a judging panel and by the audience. Bechara Saab, Post-Doc at the brain research institute in Zurich, was nominated as the best Swiss FameLabber. He represented Switzerland at the Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK in June 2012. Boris Lemmer received the second prize and Aditi Maheshwari came up as third best. Fabio Ugolini, who was also praised by the judges received the audience award.

All candidates had prepared a new presentation for the final competition:

Alexandre Fête «My being late»

Bechara Saab «The second island»

Boris Lemmer «Finding the missing puzzle piece»

Raphaël Thézé «the feeling of reality»

Susan Johnson «The problem with viral costume changes»

Fabio Ugolini «Eat the asparagus»

Sinead Griffin «CERN physics in recession times»

Shruti Muralidhar «Being blond»

Fabian Jenny «It runs in your genes»

Aditi Maheshwari «Food, sex or alcohol»