My FameLab experience helped me to understand better how to convey my research, how to dissect the key information from the huge body of data. When you have only 3 minutes - every second counts.

Dmitry Kopelyanskiy (National Winner)

Content, Clarity and Charisma

The 3Cs are key to success at FameLab. Learn more about each and how you can incorporate them into your presentations.


The content of the presentations must be scientifically accurate. If the topic chosen has controversy or uncertainty around it, then the presentation must acknowledge the opposing views. The scientific topic presented should be well chosen to suit the audience.


Clarity is critical for effective science communication. The structure of the presentation must enable the audience and judges to easily follow the talk and they should be left with a full understanding of the scientific concept chosen.


The audience and judges should be left inspired and enthused about science. The winner will be a charismatic presenter who makes the science easy to listen to, entertaining, exciting and who is not only able to communicate the science but who can share their passion for it.

Judge's top tips

Learn more about what the judges are looking for from a FameLab contestant and how to impress them.

1. Think about the beginning and the end.

2. Don’t try to copy somebody else’s style.

3. Make sure there’s enough science in there.

4. Tell us something you’re excited about!

5. Let go of the PowerPoint safety net.

6. Be in the moment.

7. Don’t overdo your introduction.

8. Know where you’re going.

9. “What will they talk about later?”

10. Think theatrically.

The judges are looking for somebody who can shine.

Above all their tips, perform to the best of your ability.

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